Please read this important update to my blogs and new links to where you can find me now! Many thanks – Karen

Drawing Room Days

Esstiiet cover

For all the wonderful people who have followed my blog and read my posts over the last three years, I would like to thank you and give you all a very big virtual hug.

It is because of this blog that I have found the confidence to pursue my writing, poetry and art. But now I find myself at a time in life where I can no longer keep up with it all and have not been able to blog properly for quite a while. I have decided to put my blog on hiatus. This blog will always remain and I may even come back to it at some point. As for my other blog, 1000 words, I will slowly transfer the short stories to my Wattpad account (which can be found here). Some may already know that I have two poetry collections on there and will be removing…

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