Fiction / Non Fiction: Fiction

Form: Short Story

Topic: Places/history

Genre: Children’s stories

Word Count:  176 words


Ruby’s Red Riding Boots

Ruby loved playing in her room

girls bedroom

She played with Daisy Dolly

In her trolley

dolly in pram

She played with Billy Bob

The plastic Frog

plastic frog

She played build a house

With blocks and Mini Mouse


She played swim club

With Barbie in a plastic tub


Ruby loved playing outside


She played run around

With Geoff the greyhound


She played climb the tree

with squirrel McGee


She played hopscotch using stones and sticks

And built a hut from tiny mud bricks

mud house

Most of all Ruby loved playing with Hazelnut her horse

brown pony horse

They played together in the meadow

They played together in the creek

They played follow the leader

They played hide and seek


One day when Ruby was playing capture the flag

Along came her mum with a big brown bag


Ruby peeped in, eyes open wide

something sparkled deep down inside


A pair of red riding boots shiny and new

she slipped them on, first one then two

cowboy boots

Now when Ruby and Hazelnut play

Ruby wears her red riding boots

All through the day!

Copyright © 010913 by Karen Payze